About the Designer



They say the road less taken is hardest. For me, it was the only path I would ever choose. Hi, I’m Vinita, the founder and designer at Callista By Vinita. I’ve always been an ardent fan of individual freedom and inclined towards creativity from a very young age. I decided to walk my own path and that is how Callista came to be. I left a corporate life behind to pursue my creative interests. In 2010, I received a degree in Jewelry Design and moved to the United States, further receiving certifications form GIA & New York Jewelry Design Institute. Today, I bring to you the fruit of my experiances in the form of Callista By Vinita. Let Callista become a part of your story, as it helped shape my own. Stay unique, original and true to yourself with jewelry that’s every bit as eclectic as you are. 

With Love,


The Brand

Callista is a contemporary jewelry line dedicated to celebrating our customers’ unique beauty while remaining accessible to every woman. Callista, a Greek name meaning “most beautiful”, is inspired by women of all walks of life and is dedicated to meet the jewelry needs of women through every phase of her day and her life. We are inspired by the strength, beauty and individuality of women from across the globe, and carry that inspiration into our designs.